How did I end up so deeply involved in...

...the very existence I planned on avoiding?

The Sad Professor
7 October 1989
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Name: Eleanor (call me Ellie)
Age: 19
Gender: FEMALE
Occupation: Professional Morrissey fan. It's a full time job... ;)

My name is Ellie. This is me and some of my friends: (I'm the second from the left.)


From left to right: Shel, Me, Fi (at the back), Katharine - or Special K as I love to call her. Rachael (my lovely friend and beta) should also be in this picture, then I'd be 100% happy with it. And YES, it was halloween so we were in fancy dress. I was a bee - because who isn't a little afraid of bees?

Come September I will be immersed in the new season of House and no doubt neglecting my university studies! Soon, I will be a full-time English Lit/Lang student so I hope my fics will get better. I was originally doing Forensic Science, but my crippling anxiety got the better of me and I decided I wouldn't be able to cope with being watched all the time during chemistry practicals. But I'm happy now. I've always been consistently good at English, so I know I'll enjoy it. :]

I like to spend a lot of my free time writing House (MD) fan fiction. I mainly ship House/Wilson, but House/Cuddy doesn't really bother me. It probably should, but it doesn't. I am also fairly active in the Harry Potter, Life on Mars (UK) and Scrubs fandoms. I think my love for slash, for House, for Snape and specifically for House/Wilson has gone from being an obsession to a way of life LOL. There's barely a day that I don't think about them.



A fact about me: I'm eating marshmallows as I'm writing this.

Likes: Peas, fan fiction, House, Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Lisa Edelstein, Morrissey/The Smiths, House/Wilson, JD/Cox, Gene/Sam, Snarry, Samuel Beckett, Alan Bennett, Severitus, slash, cinema, John Keats, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster, William Butler Yates, going to bars with people, Carol Ann Duffy, wine, guitars, music, song writing, piano, harmonica, ukulele, brightly coloured things, the smell of bread pudding, shandy, underwear, jeans, the quiet, Sylvia Plath, Monk, Simon Armitage, Ibuprofen, my bedroom, my laptop, my friends - even if they don't share my excitement for man!lovin'. Especially House/Wilson man!lovin.'

Dislikes: Most rap and R&B music, baked beans, Fall-Out Boy, Red Dwarf, ship-bashing, how minty most toothpaste is, rattling guitar strings, the Pineapple brand, clubbing, any alcohol other than wine and beer, forgetting my watch, being thirsty, having to pee, watching Emmerdale, these marshmallows - I feel a little sick now...eurgh.

Music taste: Morrissey/The Smiths, The Mountain Goats, R.E.M, U2, basically all the music from House, Queen, Journey, Pet Shop Boys, Toto, Simply Red, FotC, Linkin Park, The Lonely Islands, Bowling for Soup, basically anything 80's and awesome! I love power ballads, blues, jazz, motown, ANYTHING REALLY.

Favourite films: Harry Potter (all of them), Dead Poet's Society, Sleepers, Love Actually, Imaginary Heroes, Cape Fear (the newer one with Robert De Niro), Hide and Seek, Seven Pounds, Gran Torino, Sliding Doors, The Never Ending Story, Big Trouble in Little China, Snow Cake Ice Age. Tbh, I just like watching movies.

Favourite TV Shows: House, Scrubs, Monk, Wire In The Blood, Flight of the Conchords, Life on Mars UK, Frasier.

This is me in all my Housian glory:


I am HOT for HUGH LAURIE, RAW for ROBERT SEAN LEONARD, MENTAL about MORRISSEY, and BARMY about BONO. Good times <---------------- yeah, I say that WAY too much in RL.

Speaking of real life, I'm very reserved so livejournal is the place I 'come alive' or so to speak.

Please feel free to friend me, I'll always friend back - unless you display homicidal tendencies, then I might have to reconsider...


xEletronx <------------ that's my robot name 0_o