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Because I'm on a roll and I just need to write atm.

I'm in a writing mood atm. I'm not sure it's a good thing, especially seeing as I'm the only one that ever seems to understand what I'm writing about. Nevertheless, I'll continue doing it, because it's an outlet for all sorts of things.

Poem under the cut (I hate to keep clogging up your friends pages. :]

Something Stupid

Sometimes, I kid myself into thinking this is ok.
Everybody gets angry, furious – that dizzying rush of blood
To the head and hands.

We go three days without a word to each other.
I actually enjoy it, though I’d never tell you.
We never talk about the swing and where it always lands.

I don’t know what you expect from me after all these years.
I’m only human. This is what humans do – it’s justified
And it’s ok. Nobody else knows.

Sometimes, I kid myself into thinking I feel guilty;
Watching you apply that foundation thickly around your eye.
So I give you a rose.

I carelessly leave the thorn intact and watch you wince,
But you don’t let it go. Devotion. It stays in your palm as you whisper to me,

You barely flinch as I wipe the hair away from your face
And close that tense distance between us.
Everybody gets that dizzy rush–

I feel my head whip back from the force of the blow.
The warmth glittering down my chin spurs you on.
I go down under your right hook.

Sometimes, I kid myself into thinking I don’t deserve this.
As the heavy shadow in your hand comes crashing down – drawing closer,
I can see the rose under your foot.