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Got bored. Thought about the weather - as usual.

I’ve Got Lightning for Us All

Staring at limbs. Are they there?
It’s a black box. A black box with no walls
And everyone is feeling the air.

Too many tangled, chaotic chests lacking valour.
Oblivious. Blinded as you were, nothing changed
While you were pining for colour.

Now, it’s up to our ears to betray us.
You’ve the rationale of a child thrust into a busy crowd;
Reaching into a void, searching for a hand in the chaos.

This place; uncomfortable and small.
You’re praying for something to scratch at the navy sky
And pierce it – but be calm. I’ve got lightning for us all.


I really like this one, I'm horrible at being able to articulate why but I just do.

(also, some nice echoes of Silvia Plath here)
:D Thank you. I really didn't think anyone would read this.
Ahh, Sylvia Plath. **runs away to read more**